Quality Control /Assurance

It is important to ensure that the end product meets with stated and required quality for which we have a dedicated, competent and qualified staff equipped with modern technology and equipment to implement smooth quality control procedures and processes.

We believe in correcting the mistakes and errors from the very beginning to ensure compliance rather than eliminating the failed products in the end. Our processes and operations are strictly adhering with the following standards in order to meet the highest practical standards.
1. Current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP)
2. Good Laboratory Practices
3. WHO & ISO-9001
Commitment to quality is ensured through strict compliance of the above mentioned standards and protocols. Manufacturing processes are inspected periodically to ensure the compliance to quality standards.

Marketing & Distribution

Reaching to right customer at right time with right medication is the core principle of our marketing and distribution strategy; becoming one of our success factor. Tabros Pharma is proud to be an organization that provides lifesaving medicine for the masses and undoubtedly it has been a breakout initiative in the history of our organization.
To maintain a quality supply of our products into the market we have a dedicated team of young and energetic people lead by the expert and specialized marketing managers. In the effort to continually improve our current practices we also provide extensive capacity building trainings to our employees so that they strive to add value to organization

Research & Development

R&D department is the back bone for any organization; it is the basis of experimentation and innovation that provides an organization a competitive edge and flourishes it to new heights. At Tabros Pharma we are evolving and growing day after days, our expert team of research and development have been busy in bringing the top notch innovation and constantly engaged in improving the current standards and quality of products. Along with that our specialized team is also working on new dosage formulations.

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