Global Markets

Tabros Pharma has a well-developed reputation in national and international market in providing relief from major diseases. From the very beginning Tabros Pharma has open its channels for export and now withholds a vast network of export channels across the globe.
Tabros Pharma carried out its all export and supply related operations from its headquarters located in Karachi, the specialized teams of R&D along with supervisory maintain the credibility of products as per varied demands from country to country. Tabros Pharma possess exemplary expertise in meeting the new developments and amendments in drug regulation in global market and standard operations procedure for import.
Our presence marks in Sri-Lanka, Philippine, Myanmar, Kenya, Uganda, Afghanistan, and swiftly expanding to new venues of East & West Africa, Fareast and CIS countries. The outbreak of technology and innovation have revolutionize the way perceive and so things similarly it has broadly impacted the overall concept of health among young generation. Today, health consciousness and remedial solutions are becoming important and changing the marketing landscape accordingly sue to which we are adding new methodologies in our marketing strategies to target the international market.
We are firm believer of the fact that a healthier individual yields a progressive life, who ultimately prosper a better, livable and sustainable societies. We have recently partnered with Mayoly Spindler France and Inter Health USA for better compliance of the patients’ good health.

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