Quality Assurance

Quality Control /Assurance

At Tabros Pharma, our commitment to quality is the basis of all business policies and operations encompassing procurement of materials, research and development, manufacturing and testing, storage and distribution of goods, post marketing quality evaluation and surveillance.

For development of a robust and modern quality management system, a quality management team ensures that our policies and procedures are in line with the principles described in local GMP and international GMP guidelines like ICH, WHO and FDA etc. We also benchmark global best practices and constantly upgrade our company standards so that expectation of all stakeholders including patients, customers and regulators are achieved. Moreover modern principles of Quality risk management are integrated with quality management system which further ensures that drug products meet with established standards of safety, identity, strength, quality and purity.

At Tabros we have a state of the art cGMP compliant manufacturing facility and equipments for the production of medicines. Manufacturing facilities, processes and equipments are validated by a specialized team of experts. Highly competent technical staff is employed for production, quality control and distribution of medicines.

In quality control laboratory, sophisticated modern analytical equipments and instruments are used for the testing of materials and medicines. Q.A technical staff ensures implementation of quality system procedures and perform in process control functions throughout manufacturing operations. Moreover for management of quality in all life cycle stages of medicines, the technical staff at plant is regularly trained on modern principles of cGMP, Good Laboratory Practices, Good Storage and Distribution Practices, and best global practices in the field of quality risk management.

With the mission to become a global pharmaceutical company and achieve recognition as a producer of best quality medicines, Tabros Pharma is continuously upgrading its facilities and systems while investing in people so that a culture of quality is maintained and flourishes.